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"6 important steps to Nude makeup A girl"

“6 important steps to Nude makeup A girl”

Nude makeup Many people may be afraid that they will make them look sick, but GL says that in fact, choosing a nude tone can be beautiful every day. Where the key is to choose a lip color If you choose the right color that suits you, it

7 Tips for even and smooth skin tone

7 Tips for even and smooth skin tone

Smooth skin tone on the face would reduce the confidence of the girls down a lot, which the problem of dark skin, spots and not smooth skin. It can happen from many factors. So when this happens to any girl. The right thing to do is Facial care to adjust

5 “nutrients for acne inflammation”

Acne isn’t just for teenagers. Because of the fact that acne can depend on the body of people at any age. The cause of acne may be from an imbalance of hormones in the body or caused by the oil glands producing too much oil. This makes pores

"Revolutionize dark lips to pink and fuller"

“Revolutionize dark lips to pink and fuller”

Dark lips are one of the reasons that girls cry !!!! Of course, everyone wants to have a pink and full lip, right? The edge of the abscess is dark. It gives women like us no charm at all. Plus, if the lips are dark, they will turn pink