Ways to take care of your hair for girls with long.

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Keeping your hair long and healthy is an important part of your life. Because it not only makes your image look good make you confident It also indicates that you take good care of your personal hygiene. Believe it or not, the cause of hair loss leading to thinning hair is mostly due to people not knowing how to take care of their scalp properly. So that you have a healthy scalp and strong hair.

 Techniques to take care of very long hair: Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

  • Choose a shampoo that is a natural formula. Nowadays, there are many shampoo formulas to choose from. But because my hair is very long It tends to fall off easily. If we use shampoo that contains too many chemicals. Instead of making the hair soft and smooth The result turned out to be our hair. fell enormously instead.
  • Steam your hair at least once a week. For hair steaming, it is a way to deeply care for your hair. Normally, we usually only use hair conditioner after washing, right? But using fermented cream alone may not be enough. Because our hair has not been opened to allow nutrients to enter fully.
  • Don’t let your hair dry on its own. Girls with long hair often encounter a similar problem after washing their hair, which is that their hair grows very slowly. Therefore, many people choose to let their hair dry after washing. Without realizing that the slower the hair dries, the more The greater the risk of fungus developing on the scalp.
  • Reduce the force of combing your hair. Combing your hair from the roots to the ends is the wrong way to comb your hair. Because my hair is long, it tends to get tangled. If you comb from the base of the hair It’s like pulling the roots of our hair, causing the hair to break or not, otherwise it can fall out.
  • Hair care vitamins are an item that should be kept on your dressing table. After washing your hair, girls should choose to use hair vitamins to specifically focus on nourishing the ends of the hair. Because the longer the hair. The less nutrients that are taken to nourish the hair. When we try to add nutrients to the hair by using vitamins, it will make the hair beautiful and long and healthy.