Take A Warm Shower Or A Cold Shower. What Kind Of Bath Is Good For Health.

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Bathing is an important part of many people’s daily routine. Both are the first activities to start the day and the last activities before going to bed. Many people may not yet know that the temperature of the water used for bathing will give different sensations. like refreshing Rejuvenated after taking a cold shower Or the feeling of relaxation after taking a hot shower. It may also have other effects on the body both internally and externally as well.

Many people have probably heard about the difference between cold and warm showers. Some people believe that taking a cold shower helps the body stay awake. Doesn’t make the skin dry. While some people may prefer warm showers because of their comfort and relaxation, or may believe that warm showers are more clean. However, each type of shower has its own advantages and cautions. 

Benefits of taking a cold shower. Cold water, normal temperature water and quite cool It can create freshness after taking a shower very well. It also creates moisture for the skin to look radiant, relieves sleepiness, and also helps the system to burn fat in the body.  Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Disadvantages of taking a cold shower. Cold showers are not suitable for people who are sick. It may cause the body to become more weak. It also causes abnormal blood circulation. Including those with weakened immunity Body temperature drops quickly Can go into shock and lose consciousness.

Benefits of taking a warm shower. Taking a warm bath with a temperature between 27-37 degrees Celsius will help relieve stress. Relieve aches and pains Can relax the muscles of the body. and helps with better sleep It can also clean the skin deeply. and cleaner than cold water This is due to the open pores. Can thoroughly remove dirt. And for women, it also helps with the blood circulation system. and relieves cramps and abdominal pain.

Disadvantages of taking a hot shower. A warm shower should not be too long. Because it makes the skin dry easily. And it is not recommended to take a hot shower in the morning. Because it may cause fatigue and drowsiness, taking a hot bath is not suitable for people with abnormal blood pressure. and the elderly.

Both warm showers and cold showers have their own advantages. It’s important to always be considerate of your cleanliness, the weather, and your health. For example, avoid taking an extremely cold shower when you’re sick or in cold weather. Avoid taking an overly hot bath if you have high blood pressure. Don’t shower for too long. The appropriate time should be approximately 5–10 minutes and you should apply cream that contains substances to help moisturize the skin every time after showering. To prevent problems with dry skin and lack of moisture, etc.